Design Class Work


Costume Design Class Work

Music Video

In this project, I designed a music video for Van Halen- Hot for Teacher. I designed the band members to still have their rock style while being school boys.

The Three Little Pigs

In this project, I designed the pigs' clothing from what they would use to build their house. I created a background location for the Big Bad Wolf where he learned to use his strong winds. I based his clothing as if he were with Vikings.


Sweeney Todd

In this project, I used Lucifer the fallen angel art work as both Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker and Lucifer had similiar personality changes. They both started out as the "nice guy" until they needed to change.



Sleeping Beauty

In this project, my concept revolved around the patterns and colors from the Maori Tribe. Both Aurora and the Maori Tribe have life changes through their skin being penetrated by needles. The Maori Tribe have these memorable patterns on their skin and clothing that I chose to recreate with the characters.


La Traviata

In this project, My concept was based on Sirens. The lead character was compared to the beauty of a rose that eventually dies. Sirens sing to sailors to draw them to their death.



She Loves Me

In this project, my concept revolved around the colors from famous "Love Letter" paintings.




The Tempest

In this project,  my concept revolved around two worlds. The characters outisde the island were based on colors from Goya paintings in 1800. The characters stuck on the island were based on colors from William Blake in Early Christian Era.


Wig and Make-Up Design Class Work

Cirque Make-Up Duplication

1940's Wig and Make-Up 

Old Age Wig and Make-Up

Ventilating Mustache

Avantgarde- Flawless

In this project, the students are to recreate or set a mood for the desciption word chosen at random.